Arkansas Institute of MassageĀ 
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About Us

How to Find Us

Arkansas Institute of Massage was located near Central Mall in Fort Smith.  We are now closed
For information concerning current Professional Massage Training, contact Arkansas School of Massage.
You may reach that school at 479-648-0021.

Continuing Education Dates / Schedules

Check the CEU page for updated information
Our classes are scheduled as needed.  Please contact Linda Parks for more information.

Introducing Our Presenter

Linda Parks, MTI, has been involved in education and science since the mid-sixties. 
Her role included school director and lead presenter
She has a deep love of teaching massage and helping our community. 
She continues teaching continuing education classes.
She has been licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy since 2000. 
Linda Parks, MTI #2823


Review for Licensing Exams is available for a limited time

Cost will vary,according to your basic massage school education (Arkansas massage school or out-of-state).
Out-of-state applicants are considered when all they require is the Arkansas Massage Law instruction.
Arkansas massage students who need further review for successful completion of the MBLEx are also eligible for this program.
If this is something that interests you, call and we will set a meeting to discuss the details.
Books and supplies are in addition to the instruction fees. 
    These costs are required as you near examination time:
        Licensure includes:
                examination fees, 
                registration fees, 
                and fees for Background Checks (crime checks).
                Crime checks are for State (Arkansas, plus state where you reside) and Federal.    

Arkansas Institute of Massage
ARS #1002
Having enjoyed continuous enrollment for ten years, 2004 through 2014, this school is now closed.
The instructors and graduates are recognized as top professionals in this area.
Thanks go out to those who entered our portals.

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